Holistic wellness is the practice of healing the body, mind and spirit as a collective whole. You are more than just a collection of genes, a brain, some bones and a bunch of organs and extremities; according to the philosophy of holistic wellness, you are a spirit in a body with working parts and emotions.

Many people are turning to holistic wellness in response to some of the side effects and complicated treatments of Western medicine and the public is becoming more curious as to how we can integrate the two to live a healthier and happier life.

As a holistic wellness journalist, my quest is to help others understand how this form of healing can aid them in their search for optimal health. Follow me as I discover new ways of living, learning and loving yourself to embrace a stronger and more vibrant you.

Miya Winters is a holistic wellness journalist with over ten years of experience in the graphic design and digital media industry.  During this time, she discovered her passion for wellness and decided to cultivate a career in the field.  She has since spoken at various wellness conferences across southern California and led meditation and awareness workshops in her home town of San Diego.  Notable events include the Southern California Women Business and Wellness Conference Expo, So Cal Women’s Health Conference, and Bridging the Hearts and Minds of Youth.

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